Behind the Lens

Outdoor Pet Photoshoot

Hi, I’m Kim, owner of KD Photography. I’m a Florida native based out of Naples, FL. My greatest passion is pets! It’s all about capturing unconditional love, real moments (the kind you want to bottle up forever) and all of the things that make your pet so special, in a relaxed and modern style.

I established this photography business with the sole purpose of providing a service to loving pet parents. I have a long history of working in animal welfare and that is really where all of this stems from. During my time working at an animal shelter I started to develop my love for pet photography. I believe that capturing photos of the shelter pets true personalities helped those animals find their forever homes. Since then I’ve focused primarily on pet photography, capturing people and their love of their fur babies. My wife and I have a large family of five rescue pets; three dogs and two cats! When I don’t have a camera in my hand, I can usually be found playing with (or spoiling) our furry family.

As you look through my images, I hope that you will appreciate the quality and consistency of my work. I'm the lead photographer for every project whether it be an event or pet photography session. I edit and retouch all of my own work to maintain integrity and consistency.

I believe my clients are the most incredible people, and animals, in the world, and I love documenting important events and moments in their lives. I’m happy to work with my clients on either a professional or personal level to create the absolute best images possible. I believe that quality photography is timeless, and I will always go that extra mile to create the best possible work I can for you.